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Passionate illustrator with a strong love for bringing characters to life through visual storytelling. Dedicated to pursuing a successful career as a webtoon creator. Mostly being a dreamer, a gamer, a tea lover or a solitude seeker~A South African-born Taiwanese, currently based in Scotland, UK. Graduated with a bachelors in Graphics Design. Experienced in logo design, branding, illustration, storyboarding and basic 2D animation.Clipped104 is read as ClippedTenshi. It uses a Japanese number wordplay,
104 = てんし (tenshi) = angel

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Commissions Info

If you have any enquiries, please feel free to message me~

Commission Prices

Character Illustration

TypeSketch OnlyLines OnlyFlats OnlyFull Render (Colours only)Webtoon Style (Colours only)Grayscale (Colours only)
Simple BackgroundFree
Detailed Backkground$40+
Complex Details$5 - $10+ per item


Headshot Icon$25

Terms of Services

Payments are made through Paypal invoice sent by me or my Ko-fi.
Refunds are possible as long as the sketching process hasn’t been started.
Commissions can take about 1-2 months to finish. If there is a specific deadline for your commission to be completed, this must be communicated clearly to me before starting. There will be an additional charge if the deadline is within one week of the initial commission request.
The commission is completed in stages: B&W sketch > lines > colour > polish. I will send a preview of each stage through a Milanote board where changes are allowed to be requested - as long the request doesn’t require me to go back to a previous stage.
Depending on the complexity of your request or the amount of changes requested during the process, I may charge additional payments for the details. The finalised pricing will be discussed and agreed upon before proceeding.
All commissions pieces are allowed for personal use only, unless with my explicit given permission. Please discuss with me beforehand if you plan to use my art for commercial purposes.
In addition, I retain rights to my art, and I may use them for my portfolios, etc, unless specifically requested not to.


Please either commission me through my ko-fi,
my Discord at Clipped104#1324 ,
or through contact me.

Provide the following details:

Commission - Type of Commission- Detailed description of commission
- Personal or Commercial
- Character reference
- Pose
- Expression
- Others (BG, extra charaters, etc...)

Commission process:
Payment after approval > B&W sketch > Lines > Coloured> Finished piece
Most commissions take about 1-2 months to finish, unless a set deadline has been requested.

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You may use this form for any questions or business inquiries you may have or to commission me. If you're commissioning, please make sure to follow the steps in the procedure page.

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